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Letters/ Testimonials



1) The story of the birth of the “Karkare Academy” : Karkare Sir’s daughter used to go for classes, where her sir refused to teach her any more saying that she is not capable for these competitive exams. At this point itself Karkare Sir took the challenge and started taking the studeies of his daughter. Around this time he realised that he himself is facing some difficulties and started thinking about the children who has working parents with no time left for their kids.

2) So, Karkare Sir started taking classes at his own place with 6 children including his own daughter.

3) The main attraction of this class was, children and one parent was the combination! So, this would help in solving parents doubts too!

4) In this period of 4 years, he took great efforts in making all the schools aware about the competitive exams and encourage children to appear for such exams. He took many seminars fot students as well as teachers.

5) In Mumbai, Karkare sir formed batches of 10-12 students at various places. He used to travel places like : Mulund, Vashi, Nana Chowk, Kemps corner etc.



6) In the year 2005, “Karkare Academy” got its very first own classroom of capacity of 30 students. (which is known as Swati Manor)

7) From 2005 onwards, Karkare Academy started functioning very smoothly. We started classes from 3rd std. to 8th std. exclusively for MATH COMPETITIVE EXAMS.

8) 4th and 7th has scholarship exam, where English subject has to be learnt. So, we appointed 2 teachers namely – Mrs.Rashmi Vrtak (for 4th std.) and Mrs. Kajal Khadakban (for 7th Std) who are still working with us.


2010 – 2013

9) And we never knew that within such a short period of time we would have classes at one more premises. In 2010, “Karkare Academy” had 2 more adjacent classrooms with an office space. (which is known as Ganesh Building)

10) From 2011 onwards, Karkare Sir’s daughter Mugdha Karkare also joined him and started teaching individually.

11) 2011 : Started classes for Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidynanik Pariksha for 6th

12) 2011 : Started our own competitive exam called as “KACE” – Karkare Academy
Competitive Exam from 3rd to 8th Std and then introduced 2nd std in the year 2013.

13) 2013 : Started classes for 2nd std.


2014 : Running classes from 2nd to 8th standard

Running classes for 2nd to 8th std. for mathematics and logical reasoning.

We have published Math & Logical Reasoning books from 2nd std to 8th std.

To download the KACE form, click here.

Click here for KACE 2021 Result

The highlights of this Exam are as follows:

  • We write to you today with a deep concern in our hearts towards the young blooming generation of this country. Much as you are aware, we belong to the category of ‘service’ and ‘manufacturing’ as a global face of this developing country. Maths and science being a centrifugal force of our strength.
  • Sadly though, many a young and capable students have no access to better learning of these subjects. The words ‘exam’, ‘test’ or ‘competition’ generate an instant fear in them and have a rumble and ripple effect on their peer group, family and life style.
  • But, if these exams can enhance their numbers skills, logical thinking, rationality, analysis and above all help them overcome their fears, then they become a boon!
  • KARKARE ACADEMY has been running since past twelve years. We have been successful in instilling a love and strengthening the base of the students specially in the Mathematics.
  • Considering the same,we at KACE have designed a pattern of OMR (Multiple Choice) papers of 100 marks each form grade II to grade VIII. A time duration of 1 hour 15 minutes has been set for each paper.
  • We have successfully managed to conduct this exam for the last 4 years and the response for this has been overwhelming. This exam is conducted on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday of December every year at Dadar, Ghatkopar, Thane, Dombivali, Badlapur, Grant Road, Andheri, Goregaon, Borivali, Ratnagiri, Malvan and Jalgaon. Students from each level scoring 90 and above are felicitated with a trophy and a merit certificate and those scoring from 80-88 are awarded with a merit certificate and medal. From this year to raise the level of challenge among children it has been decided to honour the student who has secured the first rank at any grade II to grade VIII with an amount of 250/- & also who scored 100% at any grade will be awarded additional 500/-. I solicit your support in promoting this constructive exam in your school which shall be definitely beneficial to each of your students. Books from 2nd std. to 8th std. are designed by me and are available for the same.

Meet Our Faculty Members

Popularly known as Karkare Sir, is the founder member and the backbone of this Karkare Academy since its launch 12 years ago. A wizard in Mathematics with an inborn love for anything that is mathematical be it numbers, equations, logic etc.

Mahendra Karkare

The youngest faculty member of Karkare Academy is the most sought after by the 2nd to 5th standard students who are coached by her for Mathematics and I.T. When not teaching, she pitches all her energy towards the smooth functioning of the administration of the academy.

Mugdha Karkare

Rupesh Lahane is the only non teaching faculty member of the academy. A man of few words, he can be best identified as a member without whom the other faculty members of Karkare Academy would not be able to function smoothly.

Rupesh Lahane

Ashwini Karkare has been associated with Karkare Academy for past 8 years. She handles parent queries and is our main troubleshooter. She is the strong pillar of the academy and is always ready to help with a smile.

Ashwini Karkare

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